Role of ICAA

By | March 28, 2017

Inter-country Adoption Administration is the secretariat general of Central Authority for Inter-country Adoption of The Kingdom of Cambodia, working on technical on processes of ICA, report to steering committee of CAIA. The Inter-country Adoption Administration shall have the following roles and duties:

  1. organize and maintain a confidential list and dossiers of children eligible for inter-country adoption;
  2. assess all children on the confidential list to determine the best form of care suited for the child and ensure they are receiving the required care;
  3. make every attempt (all efforts) to find a national solution through a permanent family-based care or permanent guardianship before proceeding with an inter-country adoption;
  4. receive, examine and process applications for inter-country adoption and other relevant documents of the adopters;
  5. match adopters with children eligible for inter-country adoption and provide opinions to the Minister in charge of social affairs on inter-country adoption cases;
  6. inform the Central Authority, competent authorities or accredited inter-country adoption agencies accredited by the receiving country of the adoption procedures and the progress of adoption cases;
  7. facilitate the handing-over of the child to the adopters and the processing of travel documents of the child to the adopters’ country;
  8. provide or facilitate appropriate post-adoption services to the child, family of the adopters and biological family, as necessary;
  9. provide opinions to the Central Authority responsible for inter-country adoption affairs on the authorization of inter-country adoption agencies to operate in an inter-country adoption or the revocation of their authorization;

And fulfil other responsibilities concerning inter-country adoption as necessary in accordance with existing laws and regulations of the Kingdom of Cambodia and as may be delegated to it by the Central Authority.

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