Who Can Adopt

By | March 27, 2017

Adoption Condition :

  1. Adopters are required to be a married couple 30 years of age and above, at least 22 years older than the adopted child, but must not be more than 45 years older than the child at the date of submission of the application for adoption.
  2. In case the adopters do not meet the conditions of the above item 1, but the adoption meets the best interests of the child, adoption may be authorized in the following circumstances:
    • the adopter(s) who is/are of Cambodian origin seeks to adopt a child who is his/her/their relative; or
    • the adopter is a spouse who seeks to adopt the child of his or her spouse; or
    • the adopters seek to adopt a child who needs special care; or other special circumstances which serve the best interests of the child.
  3. If the adopter is married, he/she must jointly adopt with his or her spouse, unless he/she seeks to adopt the biological child of his/her spouse.
  4. The national law of each of the adopters and the law of the country of their permanent residence recognize and allow filiation by full adoption.
  5. The adopter’s country of nationality or permanent residence must have diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  6. The adopters must fulfil the eligibility, and essential conditions for adoption according to the laws of their country of permanent residence.
  7. The adopters must be free from any sentence or legal action for misconduct, felony or misdemeanor, in their country of nationality, country of permanent residence or in the country of their latest residence.
  8. The adopters must be capable of providing the adopted child with the appropriate care and necessary support.
  9. Adopters may be authorized to adopt only if they have no child or have only one child under their burden. Adopters may be authorized to adopt only one child, except for a child who has sibling(s) for which adoption of more children (siblings) may be authorised.