Documents and other Evidences to Support Authorization

By | March 28, 2017

To apply for authorizations from the MoSVY to operate Inter-country Adoption in the Kingdom of Cambodia, the Inter-country Adoption Agency shall provide the following dossiers:

  1. An application of the ICA agency with the signature of the chief of the agency and 5,000 Riels (Five thousand Riels) stamp in tax.
  2. Copy of the letter of accreditation of the agency, certified by the Central Authority or competent authority of the agency’s country.
  3. Copy of documents authorizing the establishment of the inter-country adoption agency as a non-profit organization, properly certified by the Central Authority or competent authority of the agency‘s country.
  4. Letter of the central authority or competent authority of the country of the agency authorizing the agency to operate inter –country adoption in the Kingdom of Cambodia. These letters must remain valid for official use.
  5. Statute and internal regulations of the agency.
  6. Brief documents about the history, activity, programs and services of the agency, list of staff members and their qualifications, including evidence proving that the agency possesses at least 5 (five) years experiences in the areas of Inter – country adoption.
  7. An independently audited financial report of the last fiscal years, including sources of funds, adoption fees and expenses concerning adoption.
  8. Brief curriculum vitae of the agency‘s board of directors or management team, with 4×6 centimeters photos attached.
  9. Brief curriculum vitae of one or two staff members to represent the agency in inter country adoption affair in the Kingdom of Cambodia, with 4×6 centimeter photo attached.
  10. Documentary evidence proving that the representative (s) mentioned in item 9 above is/are not listed in the criminal record of their country of origin and last country of residence, if different.
  11. A copy of previous or current agreements (s) with the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation on the provision of humanitarian aid or support to orphans in the Kingdom of Cambodia.
  12. Bilateral Agreement on Inter-country Adoption Cooperation between the Kingdom of Cambodia (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation) and the country of the agency, if that country is not signatory to the Hague convention on Protection of children and Cooperation in respect of Inter-Country Adoption.
  13. Other documents that Ministry of Social Affaire, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation deems necessary for the best interests of the child and for the proper assessment of the application.

The applications and all files/dossiers shall be sent through the Embassy or representatives of the agency’s country based in the Kingdom of Cambodia then to the Ministry of Foreign Affair and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) check and forward to MoSVY.

Note: Agencies that are licensed to operate Inter-country Adoption in Cambodia must provide annual report to MoSVY.

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