Inter-country Adoption Fees

By | March 27, 2017

Based on Prakas 448 dated 10 April, 2013 Joint Prakas on the Determination of Expenses, Fees and Contributions on Inter-country Adoption, the total of $5,000 US Dollars which is a humanitarian contribution has been determined to be paid by the adopter for one child. The contribution is reserved to support various options of alternative care for children and to support state orphanages across the country as well as other service fees related to inter-country adoption.

Adopters must pay 5,000 US Dollars in 2 steps as below:

  • First, adopters pay 1,500 US Dollars when adopters’ dossier is forwarded to ICAA of Central Authority for Inter-country Adoption (CAIA). This amount is non-refundable.
  • Second, the adopters pay 3,500 upon official handover of the child to the adopters.

The adopter shall pay the amount of expense, fees and contributions through inter-country adoption agency. Countries without inter-country adoption agency shall pay the expenses, fees and contributions through central authority for inter-country adoption or competent authority in charge of inter-country adoption of the receiving country. Beside these fees, the adopters are required to pay for court fees as mentioned in article 35 ICA law, and passport fees for each child and other fees as required in the origin country and the receiving country.

**Summary Table of Inter-country Adoption fees:
application flow

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