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Counseling to adoptee before release information

Counseling to adoptee before release information An adopted child who has reached the age of majority shall be entitled to access his/her own dossier, and other records concerning his/her identity. The ICAA shall ensure that the adopted child receives appropriate counseling before accessing information in his/her dossier.

Adoption dossier review

Adoption dossier review : An adoption child who has reached a sufficient age and level of maturity to understand the consequences of knowing his/her identity may be allowed access to his/her dossier, including the identity of his/her biological parents upon written application with the Central Authority of the Kingdom of Cambodia, if it is in… Read More »

Priority Provinces for initiating Inter Country Adoption

Cambodia is initiating adoption in 5 priority provinces including: Phnom Penh Battambang Kandal Siem Reap Sihanouk Ville These provinces have participated in a pilot project to improve the child welfare system and will serve as models to initiate Inter-country Adoption. Over time the number of provinces where children are able to be placed will be… Read More »

Child who are eligible for adoption

Child who are eligible for adoption: The child is of Cambodian nationality who permanently resides in Kingdom of Cambodia; The child is below 8 (eight) years old at the date of the receipt of application for adoption; except that in the case of children who need special care, adoption may be authorized at an age… Read More »