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Organizational Chart Of Technical Team (ICAA)

Bureau of Administration and Finance: A. Administration and personnel: Staff management. Disseminate regulations, circulars, decisions and notifications of the management team; Prepare monthly, quarterly, and annually reports of the Inter-Country Adoption Authority. B. Finance Manage expense, fee and humanitarian aid Receive and manage the income of Inter-Country Adoption Administration, prepare expenditure plan and propose budget… Read More »

Role of ICAA

Inter-country Adoption Administration is the secretariat general of Central Authority for Inter-country Adoption of The Kingdom of Cambodia, working on technical on processes of ICA, report to steering committee of CAIA. The Inter-country Adoption Administration shall have the following roles and duties: organize and maintain a confidential list and dossiers of children eligible for inter-country… Read More »

Alternative Care Policy

In line with priorities, Cambodia has developed the Alternative Care Policy (Prakas no. 217 MoSVY dated 26 April, 2006) and the Minimum Standards on Alternative Care (Prakas 616 MoSVY dated 22 November, 2006). These are important regulations to promote permanency planning to reintegrate children in their birth family, with relatives, or in the community, before… Read More »

National Child Protection System

While Cambodia does not have a comprehensive child protection law, the Government has made considerable progress in the development of laws, national policies, strategies and plans that promote a child protection system. Cambodia National for Children Council (CNCC) is also currently coordinating a process to develop a National Child Protection System. CNCC is bringing together… Read More »

Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation

The Kingdom of Cambodia ratified the Hague Convention on Protection of Children and Cooperation (Hague Convention) in respect of Inter-country Adoption (ICA) on 22 January 2007. Since ratification, Cambodia has developed and revised laws and policies on Inter-country Adoption to ensure that they are in line with The Hague Convention and international laws. Through cooperation… Read More »

UN Convention on the Rights of the Child

The Kingdom of Cambodia ratified the UN Convention on Rights of the Child (CRC) on 15 October, 1992. Since ratification, Cambodia has made significant accomplishments and achievements by ratify two CRC optional protocols, international instruments, developed national child protection laws, policies, and standards to implement the CRC. Additionally, mechanisms such as the Cambodia National for… Read More »

Our History

In Cambodia, the request of child and infants to overseas has been implemented since 1987 in according to the decision number 79 SSR dated 23 June, 1987 of the Council of Ministers. During that period, most of child adopters were staff of international organizations which were on mission in Cambodia. While the mission was finished… Read More »

What we do

The Role of CAIA is to ensure that Inter-country Adoption is implemented following the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), the Hague convention on the Protection of children and Cooperation in respect of Inter-country Adoption and to fulfil other duties the MoSVY considers necessary for the enforcement of inter-country adoption affairs, in accordance… Read More »

Who we are

The Central Authority for Inter-country Adoption (CAIA) is an institution under the responsibility of the Ministry of Social Affairs, Veterans and Youth Rehabilitation that holds responsibility for inter-country adoptions in Cambodia. C.A.I.A is led by the CAIA Committee and ICAA is an operational arm of C.A.I.A who work as a technical team. 1. Composition of… Read More »

Counseling to adoptee before release information

Counseling to adoptee before release information An adopted child who has reached the age of majority shall be entitled to access his/her own dossier, and other records concerning his/her identity. The ICAA shall ensure that the adopted child receives appropriate counseling before accessing information in his/her dossier.